Sunday, August 1, 2010

Face it: Cops are better than you are

This news story is a couple months old, but bear with me for the relevance.  

Prosecutors said Killackey hailed a cab about 1 a.m. on April 23, 2009, outside a bar on the Near North Side.

Clermont testified that Killackey fell asleep, so when he reached his destination, the driver tapped on the cab partition. Killackey woke up, exited the car and began to walk away, Clermont said.

Clermont said he told Killackey that he forgot to pay the $8 fare but Killackey didn't stop.

"No, I didn't forget," Clermont said Killackey told him. "I don't owe you (expletive)."

Clermont then did a U-turn to block Clermont's path and asked him again to pay the fare. Killackey pulled a gun out and pointed it at Clermont, the cabbie testified. "You choose," Clermont quoted Killackey as saying to him. "Either I don't owe you (expletive) or you get out of the car and see what happens."

Clermont said he called 911. Police found a gun and his police badge in Killackey's pockets.

What was the terrible sentence for this man robbing a cab driver, threatening a man with a gun, and posessing a firearm on the street while drunk? That's right, he was charged with misdemeanor theft and assault, and given 60 hours of community service, His gun was returned to him the same night of the incident, and HE STILL HAS HIS JOB!!!...

He has also been relieved of police powers and an internal investigation is under way, said Chicago Police News Affairs Lt. Maureen Biggane. Killackey has been put in an administrative role, she said.

Let me tell you what would have happened to you or me in this situation:
you would have been held on a bond so high, no one could afford to get you out, so you would immediately LOSE YOUR JOB.
The court would KEEP your gun as evidence, then they'd trust someone like Killackey to properly "destroy" it.. or sell it to a child on the street, whichever is easier I suppose; Keep in mind there's no publicly available records of gun destructions.

Your charges would be:
2 counts of "Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon" Class 3, and Class 1 felony
1 count of "Armed Violence" Class X felony
1 count of "Theft" Class A misdemeanor
1 count "Aggravated Assault" (with use of a firearm) Class 4 Felony

If you were found guilty as officer Killackey was, your sentence would be: a minimum of 6 years, up to a maximum of 30 years in prison:
up to $25,000 in fines.
The loss of your right to own a firearm (not that YOU ever had it here in the first place)
And of course, the inability to ever get a decent job again.

The system is unfairly biased towards police, and this simply proves that the court system is also a part of that ring of corruption and thuggery. In a funny twist, the Suntimes reported that the officer actually commented that he thought that his 60 hours of community service, and 18 months of supervision was too harsh of a sentence. They have removed that article. I would normally file this under the "blue Wall of Silence" but since a judge and court was involved, the corruption goes much, much deeper.

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