Monday, August 30, 2010

Police officer complains of leadership issues, I give the answer.

After reading a whiny complaint from a Chicago police officer, then a followup from another one, I posted my response, I will give you the transcript below in case it gets lost to news censorship.  While the original Officer was venting what probably needed to be vented, my solution presented will likely not be well received.  

When you have 12-13 thousand people you are going to have some issues. They could be park workers, postal workers, ,teachers, etc.. The real isssue here is the lack of leadership and direction in the CPD. The shootings are up and that is due to lack of faith that the officers in the street have in their superiors. These thugs that are taking over our streets and killing people need to be dealt with in a different way than family Joe or Jane. You will not appreciate the police until you are a victim and need them!

If the police didn't force citizens to depend on them, people would be able to defend themselves, having a naturally reducing effect on violent crime, thus reducing the stress and danger for the police. The police just don't trust normal citizens, and it shows. Why are they the "only ones" who are allowed to carry a weapon to defend themselves in an admittedly dangerous area? Is it because they're better than you? More trustworthy than you? If they're better trained to use the simple point and click interface of a modern firearm, why is that training not available to citizens? Why do the police insist that you will only appreciate them once you've been victimized? I mean, it's not like they were around to stop it. If you were attacked and had a small amount of marijuana on you, what do you think they'd be more interested in... investigating the attack, or ruining your life in their self-righteous war on drugs? Doesn't that make you twice to three times the victim?

Just remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away, and they would rather you be holding a phone, than a firearm... because they're the only one's enough to handle protecting you.

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