Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Roadblock results.

Over at the Gurnee, IL village hall, they boast about their righteousness in these roadblocks.  The oppressors always think they're on the side of good, for example the Nazis filmed everything they could because they thought they were doing the right thing.   Amazing how evil the right thing is sometimes, isn't it?  So let's look at these results from my view, which is someone who knows what the coded IL laws mean:

from June 1, 2010
530 total cars through the "checkpoint" (sounds like a racing game right?  Roadblock sounds too harsh)

1 arrest for driving under the influence.  So out of all 530 cars stopped, only 1 arrest for what these guys were looking for.   In case you were unsure, Illinois is an Implied Consent state.   This means that because you are driving on Illinois Roadways you by default have given police the ability to breath, pee, or blood test you at any time for any substance... I bet you didn't read that at the DMV!

11 Arrests for no license, ironically, these people weren't stopped for violating the rules of the road, but simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8 Arrests for suspended or revoked licenses.   This sounds noble, but often in Illinois, your license will get suspended for something like, not paying a parking ticket, or missing a Toll, or your IPass Malfunctions.   They never send you notification that you are suspended, so the driver actually has no idea their license is suspended until their cuffed and put in a squad car.

11 citations for no seat belt, these things come in at roughly $100 per ticket, so the revenue here is $1100, as for the safety aspect, they're feel-good tickets for the cops, even though you should have the right to endanger yourself as much or as little as you wish.

6 failure to secure a child under the age of 6, they're protecting the children right?  Or are they generating more revenue?

39 no insurance citations.  This doesn't mean they have no insurance, it means they didn't have the card, these are very steep fines intended to make someone wish they had insurance if they really don't have it.

9 IL vehicle code violations:  there was a $3 light out somewhere, and the cops raised another Grand of cash from an unsuspecting person.

7 equipment violations:  Underglow lights, tinted windows, covered tail-lights etc... it costs money to look good on the road, and the police raise almost another Grand of loot for it.

3 registration offenses:  That $99 a year sticker on the back said something before 06 / 10, and now it costs you $199 to renew.

1 unlawful possession of a controlled substance - could be anything except meth, and cannabis, those are separate charges.  So, for example it could have been vicodin with no prescription label... or cocaine, either way it only got found because the police searched.

1 unlawful possession of cannabis - someone had weed, and now they're going to pay over $2500 for it because people who know better than you said it was wrong to have that, and the safeguard against idiots like that, the 4th amendment, doesn't exist at roadblocks for the most part.

and of course, the dreaded:

1 unlawful use of a weapon - the horror!   UUW in IL means they had a bludgeon of some type, baseball bat, brass knuckles etc... or they had an illegal blade, like a throwing star, or switchblade, hell, even a firecracker would have counted as a "grenade"... regardless that's an easy $1500 for the cops right there.

So all in all, 99 out of 530 were cited or arrested.... do you like those odds?  That's an 18% chance of extra fees or fines just for using transportation.   I've estimated by the time this is over, the Gurnee police would have extorted just over $15,000 from only 99 people, just by stopping 530 cars in a roadblock.   Just wait until the press release about the 4th of July weekend!   Do you want your 4th amendment back yet?

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