Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mayor Daley tries last ditch gun control

It has been reported today that Mayor Daley is attempting last ditch efforts to back more gun control:

The four newly proposed measures would automatically transfer to adult court cases of 15- to 17-year olds arrested with a gun; require at least five years behind bars for felons caught with weapons; require 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police and firefighters responding to emergencies; and make it a felony to commit a crime with a child in tow if that child is injured by gunfire.

Daley made the announcement before dozens aldermen, state legislators, gun-control advocates and family members who have lost loved ones to gun violence. He urged firefighter and police unions to back reasonable gun control measures, and said one day the tide would turn in favor of the kind of efforts he has championed for decades.

Notice, he is not at all interested in protecting any citizens' rights.   He wants 10 years in prison for people who point guns at police, regardless of how many police officers he has that kick down doors without cause, and give no warning.   There is no mention of holding police officers that pull guns on citizens who have done nothing wrong to this same standard, otherwise quite a few officers would be in prison for 10 years.

Why does Daley put cops on a pedestal, and leave the voters stepped on in the mud, and still get votes?   The only logical answers would be either that voting is rigged in Chicago, or that the people of Chicago are slightly retarded... your choice.

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