Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Except for Law Enforcement, Illinois is employ at will

Oak Brook police and fire commission voted 3-0 to dismiss Stephen Peterson, son of notorious Drew Peterson for obstructing an investigation and taking possession of 3 weapons from his father who was restricted from possessing them, and not telling the State Police about the $200,000+ transferred to him, or the weapons.  

What I find most noteworthy, is that when a police officer loses his job, for whatever reason, they can sue, or appeal these decisions.   This is a tactic that is not available to anyone else in Illinois, which is an at will employment state.   It means you can be terminated for any, or no reason at any time, except apparently law enforcement:

Peterson had no comment, but attorney Tamara Cummings said she would appeal the decision to the DuPage County Circuit Court.

They have more job protection than even unionized workers.   Solely based on their job title.   Do you still think if you're not an LEO that you are truly a citizen? 

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