Thursday, December 8, 2011

Criminal history justifies your murder

At least it justified the murder of Darrin Hanna, a man whom had a fairly long criminal history.   The Chicago Tribune makes sure to point out substance abuse multiple times, as though that justifies what is to follow.  

Police were responding to a domestic situation, and the end result was this:

Gloria Carr saw the man in the hospital bed with his head swollen and his eyelids bruised into purple orbs, she wasn't convinced he was her son.
This man was brutally beaten ultimately to his death.   I am unsure exactly what level of resistance justifies multiple men to beat you to death, but since there were no reports of police officers being injured, I would say that this amount of resistance was insufficient to warrant a death beating with electroshock torture.  

Lake County Coroner Artis Yancey said Hanna suffered multiple traumas and had been shocked with a Taser or another brand of electroshock weapon.

The response from the Mayor, Leon Rockingham Jr. was to put seven officers on desk duty while the investigation goes on.   This means that seven officers participated in some way on this brutal murder.   If one of us regular citizens were implicated in a brutal group beating death of another man, you would be in jail immediately, and you would have to have a bond hearing in order to be released.   These men still get paid, and are still at work, and are still free...   More troubling is this part:

As evidence that the police department needs to be overhauled, council members and relatives point to other recent lawsuits, including a civil claim filed by the family of a 21-year-old shot to death by police in 2008. The suit was settled for $1 million.

So it looks like in North Chicago, the police get to murder someone every couple years, money gets paid to the victim's families... and yet the states attorney Michael Waller won't prosecute any of these police... why?

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