Monday, December 12, 2011

Syria, the media and Illinois

Anti-government protesters have finally been centered and targeted it Homs Syria.   The government forces there have ordered the citizens to "hand in weapons and surrender defecting military members by Monday night -- or face attack by the government forces."

Government forces have already disabled power in Homs, they have cut off their food supply, dug deep trenches around the town, and have killed anyone they can see.   Government forces have previously massacred the entire town of Hama.  

What this has to do with America in general is to show you that your own countrymen, your government paid security forces, can and probably will kill you if you stand in opposition to them.   Here is the most disturbing part of the article:

State TV, meanwhile, painted a picture of normalcy in Syria, with reports of local elections under way across the country.
Yes, there is an active massacre happening, and the media is reporting about how great democracy is going.    Democracy, if you recall, was considered an "extreme" form of government by our founding fathers, and demanding Democracy surely is a sign of under-education, or a politically corrupted education curriculum.  

The key question here is, "How are these reports getting out?"    The answer friends... social media.   Average citizens with cell phone cameras, video cameras, and other recording devices are reporting, with video and photo evidence the horrors that are occurring.   So how does Illinois tie into all of this?

It has been a Felonious crime in Illinois for quite some time now, to videotape anyone without their consent in public.    Except for City officials or Law Enforcement that is, they can do whatever they want, but if you tape them, prepare to go to prison.    The only purpose it can serve to disallow the public to openly video events in public or in their private homes involving members of Law Enforcement, is to aid in covering up evidence of wrongdoing by Police personnel.  

Here's an extreme but apt hypothetical If a police officer enters your home in Illinois, you can't legally tape him unless he consents.   This opens the door for him to be able to shoot you for any reason he can justify, and justice will never be served.

These types of events happen often in Illinois, murders, planting of drug evidence on alleged perpetrators, planting guns, torture for confessions, and severe beatings are all pretty well documented throughout the history of this blog.        These kinds of events cause a rift between Law Enforcement and those who cherish liberty, and will eventually result in the wholesale return of the previously mentioned bloodshed and injustice.  

I am pleading with Law Enforcement of all branches to look at Syria, and stop the path we are going down by willfully limiting your power so that it matches that of the citizens.     Stopping your abuses isn't enough, you have to show that you are not evil, by giving up your immunities...  not doing so historically has tragic and far reaching consequences.

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