Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why this blog exists.

2 years ago I was riding as a passenger in a car.   Another car kept driving erratically in front of us.  They would speed up to the normal speed limit, then slow down, when car behind them didn't adjust their speed in time, they would then slam on their brakes to the point of locking them up, then they'd speed up, and get more aggressive at getting the car behind them closer.   The driver of the car I was in fell for this twice, then kept a LARGE distance between us and them.   We get to the next stop sign, and the driver of the other car decides he hasn't messed with us enough yet, so they park there, and remain parked there.   Traffic builds behind us over the next 2 minutes.  The driver and I have a quick discussion about whether we could pass them or not, my theory is that they were a road obstruction at this point in time, and able to be legally circumvented.    As we pulled out to go around them, they squealed their tires to keep even with us attempting to run us into other cars.   For the next 5 minutes the car kept creeping to our rear right quarter panel then cutting over to try to hit us, the driver skillfully avoided them each time.   I called 911 dispatch at this time, and informed them there was a madman on the road that has already tried to run us off the road 3 times.   They told us the other driver already called them, and that we should meet officers at a gas station down the road.    So we informed them we would comply if they told the other car to back away, the other car did and we went to the gas station.   The Police arrived and began asking us what happened, we told the story to the best of our ability. 

The other driver, Jeffrey Woodruff Sr. and passenger Jeffrey Woodruff Jr. did a better job of making us sound like evil-doers, claiming that I, the passenger, threw everything from "small items" to entire "bottles" at their car hitting it several times miraculously not only leaving no evidence of this at the intersection, but leaving no damage to their 12 year old car either!  The Deputy Fred Mason then placed me under arrest for "disorderly conduct" even though I felt this was not a constitutionally sound arrest and that I had the duty to resist, I also knew I was in Illinois, and the constitution doesn't matter, so I should comply with anything the officer wanted.   I equate this action of the officer as breaking an Illinois law, "aggravated kidnapping" because he felt it okay to take me somewhere where the phones didn't even work, I couldn't tell anyone where I was at for 10 hours. 

Officer Swanson of the Lake County Sheriff's department, also works in the Metropolitan Enforcement Group, a drug and gun grabbing arm of the Lake county Sheriff's wanted to search the car because he saw the driver's work belt for her security job.   She worked unarmed security at the time, and there was a belt in the car.   He threatened to break the window if she didn't let him in her car, and she caved in.  After he was in, he felt that it was okay to manufacture drug evidence against the driver somehow so they could arrest her too.  This is a man who has access to all types of drugs, so I find it fishy when he plants something so small on someone in a nice neat little case, 0.6 grams of alleged  Marijuana, opens it up, and I remember the contents of the "case" one metal looking pipe, and the only marijuana he claimed was there was in that pipe.  So now we're both being hauled in, the car is being towed, and the people who were driving in recklessness... they got to sit there, and laugh about it.  The car gets searched and they find my Springfield M1a, Disassembled in a case in the back seat, under it was the driver's Taurus 24/7 9mm, unloaded, also in a case.   She was on her way to a range with knowledgeable experts at it who could troubleshoot why she couldn't disassemble it, the slide was stuck.  They took the M1a which was brand new and never fired, and the Taurus, except now they charged the driver with 2 counts of "Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon" because of the planted Marijuana.  The driver was from Wisconsin, so the 2nd count of "Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon" was for not having a FOID card.   So she has 2 counts of a Class 3 felony, the same as beating someone in the face with a crowbar, then skull fucking them when they were unconscious on the ground, except this girl, she had done nothing to anyone!  She never touched, or motioned towards a firearm at all, and she's charged with USING it in a FELONIOUS way.

After the police reports are written, the amount of seized narcotics related items increases from just the pouch, suddenly glass pipes get added in triplicate to the report, so they push for additional drug paraphenalia charges.   The girl was a former Army MP, honerably discharged.   I bailed her out of the Lake County Cesspool the next day.   She is still emotionally damaged from her experience at a place worse than hell to this day.   They stick you in open walled cages, with a toilet in the very center, it is a dehumanizing place where you are stripped, hosed off, cavity searched (raped) while the officers joke about it.  I got my rifle back, but it had been fired several times... that's right, they even raped my rifle.

So we spend the next 2 and half years paying for court case after court case.   My Misdemeanor Disorderly conduct charge is dismissed because the 2 Woodruff Asshats who filed the charges refused to come to court and account for their dramatically different lies they separately wrote.   So now I am free and clear, but the driver was still in a world of trouble.   Over the next year we spend over $30,000 on court costs, the driver is no longer a citizen, unable to purchase any firearms, or pass a background check to get a new job, as her security job was lost... being indicted for a felony and all.  

When all is said and done, our lawyer makes a plea deal, 2 felonies, down to a misdemeanor.   It was accepted, and she owed $996 in fees and fines, 2 years of supervision, and 150 hours of community service.   Meanwhile her house goes into foreclosure because she has been unable to get a job based on her background check results.   When you are accused of a crime, your life ceases to work for you.   I'd like you also to compare her sentence of 2 years supervision, and 150 hours of community service for essentially transporting a gun improperly... to Chicago Detective John Killackey's sentence for refusing to pay a cabbie for a fare, then pulling his gun on that cabbie when drunk... he got 60 hours of community service, and 18 months probation, plus he got his gun back, and kept his job.    The driver of the car I was in never got her Taurus PT111 millenium pro 9mm pistol back, the state siezed it for "destruction or police purposes".   I'd still like to know where that gun went... I imagine it found its way to an inner city child for a few hundred dollars that some officer probably refers to as a "bonus". 

So at this time, my credit card is overwhelming, I paid for everything, I had 3 jobs and wasn't getting anywhere.   So I stopped paying my mortgage, and now my house is in foreclosure, but I found a place to live in Minnesota, and I intend to stay here as long as possible.   We are free and clear now, and living outside of that unequitable craphole of impossible to follow gun laws... the next chapter is beginning, thanks for reading.

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