Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, that makes sense

Whenever you elevate one set of people above the normal laws and restrictions of society you will get something like this, people posing as those elevated privilege holders in order to rob people and make them extremely scared about fighting back.   

Chicago police are looking for two men who posed as police officers and robbed several people on the southwest side since December, officials said today.
The robberies occurred after the victims were approached by one or two men who identified themselves as police officers, complete with badges, hand-held radios, flashlights and handguns, police said in a community alert.

The solution is easy... Make police follow the laws, and when they don't, allow citizens the same self-defense measures they would have against any other person beating them senseless, or robbing them, or abducting them for no reason.   

This will make many collectivists very uneasy, so I've probably just added myself to some more lists... you're welcome!

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