Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WI approves Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Assembly today approved the concealed carry of firearms today making it the 49th of 50 states to repeal the ban on concealed weapons.   This of course makes Illinois the final laughing stock of the nation, with no ability to conceal weapons.

An interesting sidenote for many of you, I spent several years processing videos for various police training/information sources from VHS to digital format.   Most of which were shootings, in which the victims did everything they were "supposed" to do... comply, give the money, back away as to not be a threat.   I have seen more real death on film from these good people doing what they were "supposed" to do that I often lament terribly about it.   The legislature of Illinois has denied these people their right to protect themselves, and have even made it a felony to attempt to protect yourself, so many people die needlessly.   Anyone who has had a loved one killed, needs to take legal action against the Illinois General Assembly, for denying them, and you the basic right that is self defense.  Seriously... why are you Illinesians still reading this, and not talking to a lawyer?

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