Sunday, May 15, 2011

You want protection?

The Police won't protect you.    Instead, they'll wait until a threat finds you, beats you unconscious, then they'll pose your unconscious body for a photo opportunity.   That's what William Kendrick's lawsuit against College of Dupage Police.  

 William Kendrick's allegations go a step further, alleging that after the attack, a COD officer posed for a photograph with Kendrick as he lay unconscious on the steps of the Student Resource Center.
If this sounds far fetched, remember that this is not outside of what police have been known to do, you may recall a few years ago at the G20 summit that police used arrested students as a trophy photo opportunity.    I hold out hope that the Campus Police were documenting William's injuries, but I have not seen the photos, and can't make a solid opinion of it.

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