Monday, May 2, 2011

Massad Ayoob, Could he ever see?

I posted a response to Massad Ayoob today.   He proclaimed victory over the "cop haters" that invaded his blog comments yesterday, as applying the same false standards that the Brady Campaign applies to CCW holders.   This is simply not true, CCW holders aren't protected by the legal system if they shoot someone on accident (or on purpose) like police tend to be.  If I CCW is suspected of shooting someone on purpose they go straight to jail... if a police officer is suspected... he goes home for a few weeks.   I threw the gauntlet down though.   I challenged him to write a post for all those victimized by Police that can help heal the emotional wounds they have suffered from these terrible experiences.   I doubt I will hear any such wisdom from Ayoob, but I can hope.   I suspect he will never think very deeply on the subject because he has a pretty big fan base of yes-men who are willing to give him verbal dutch rudders all day.

My post:
That was a well though out, only mildly offensive response to your last blog entry.

What people want is what our founders wanted for us, equality under the law, or in short, liberty and justice! I would love to trust police officers, but the short skinny of it is that doing that can cost you more money than you make in a year, or even your life! Is it right that police have more privileges, and protections under the law, with less consequence, and higher than average GDP per capita pay?

I have a few friends that are police officers, whom I do trust. But when you watch 12 other officers that you don’t know, arrest your Army veteran fiancee on felony “Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon” charges for having an unloaded fully cased pistol under her back seat on her way to a firearm repair shop, while they have fully loaded, rounds chambered firearms on their hips, all because she interpreted the law’s writing of “within reach” differently than the officers… You start to wonder why the law protects them “better” than it does her, why the law affords them more privileges than it does her. When it costs you over $50,000 to fight that case in court, and find out the Police officers are getting Time-and-a-half to be there… you REALLY start to wonder why the law compensates them better than you. When your fiancee loses her job just for being under felony investigation, and you watch Officers like John Killackey point a gun at someone while drunk in the same general area as your fiancee was busted for not even touching a gun… and you see that officer keep his job… the us vs them mentality kicks up ten-fold.

You see Mas, it’s not that people have blind hatred, it’s that a lot of people have been victimized, and have no recourse other than to move to the country, or become agoraphobic… When you get a lot of victimized people, you get a lot of anger. Instead of calling us out as “cop haters” or watch your peanut gallery give you verbal dutch rudders, why not post on ways we, the victims of the police forces of the United States of America can healthily deal with our victimizations?

That’s it… that’s the challenge! post something constructive for us victims! Suing costs too much money and lawyers are reluctant to take up cases against cops that haven’t been caught on camera, and the chiefs are only interested in protecting the department’s image… So help me find another way for us victims to if not get justice, then at least to heal.

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