Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A single variable data analysis.

The single variable explored today is the homicide rate, and compared it with the creation of significant black markets in America, then correlated some data to the re-application of the rights of the citizens to bear arms.  You may note that the murder rates climb slightly before each large event, this is likely due to strengthening local and regional support for the creation of these black markets.  

I affirm this graphic was made by me, and is free for distribution. While I'd like a link back to the blog, it is not necessary


  1. This is a great graphic. I have a couple of questions: 1. is your data specific only to Illinois (I'm guessing not) and 2. where did you get your figures?

  2. Good questions! Thank you for the compliment! To answer your first question, it addresses the entire country, not just Illinois, as Illinois is the only state where the citizens can't be armed in public.
    Second, the data was collected mostly from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, available to the public at www.fbi.gov. the 1910-1944 data was from "Murder Statistics from Statistical Abstract of the United States", U.S. Dept. of Commerce"
    I took the homicide rates of the country, and put it in an excel spreadsheet. I couldn't find data before 1910 unfortunately, I would have loved to go back further, and 2009's reports don't seem to be up yet.