Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicago Cop thinks supervision is unfair

A drunk Officer John Killackey pulled his gun on a cabbie over a fare dispute:

Killackey, the son of a former police commander, told cabbie Clermont during the incident last year: “I don’t owe you - - - -” when Clermont demanded an $8 payment for the six-minute ride from Crescendo nightclub to his home at Damen and Armitage, evidence showed.
What happened next is really the tell tale sign of a lunatic:

He then pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at Clermont, telling him: "Either I don't owe you - - - - or you get out of the car and see what happens," Clermont testified.
The sentence for this officer pulling a gun on a cabbie, and threatening him with armed aggression?  18 months of supervision and 60 hours of community service.

Compare this to a story I am very familiar with where a person had an unloaded, fully cased Taurus 9mm under the back seat of their SUV while on her way to a gun range to find out why they couldn't disassemble the handgun. The sentence for this terrible, awful, non-threatening, victimless crime?  $994 in fees and fines, a $20,000 lawyer bill, lost their job, 150 hours of community service, mandatory drug & alcohol, and anger management classes, and 12 months supervision.

Meanwhile, this cop that started violence against another person, AND stole from them in the form of using a service they didn't pay for:

But when their commanding officer, Sgt. Robert Peabody, arrived at the scene, he handed Killackey back his gun and badge and let him go, denying Clermont the chance to file a complaint.
Killackey's police powers were suspended and he was put on desk duty after he was charged.

That asshole still has a job that he's completely unfit for!   Welcome to the new world my friends, we're all fucked.

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