Friday, June 18, 2010

Brady campaign to prevent gun violence encourages the opposite

I normally stay within the midwest, but the article I read about Who's packing? NY gave me the feeling that I had to raise more awareness for this kind of senseless registration publishing.  The proof of my titled accusation comes indirectly from David Codrea's "War on Guns" blog, that I highly recommend to everyone.   After following the news link I noticed a strange correlation.  According to the daily star article,

"the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence supports the right to publish information that is public record, Peter Hamm, spokesman, said Tuesday.

The list is from records held by state police, who said the information likely was obtained through a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act. State penal law, which covers firearms licenses, states "the name and address of any person to whom an application for any license has been granted shall be a public record."

If I told you that the most probable function of this list would be to get more people killed by illegal guns, both sides might think I was crazy.   Let me explain how this works:   Criminals who are looking for guns, a valuable commodity, can scope out this list and easily create "target neighborhoods" Places with few gun owners, and where everyone has a job.   They would easily scope out the neighborhood, break into houses when most people aren't home, and have a good chance of finding an easy to break safe, with guns inside.   The criminals can then take the stolen guns to perpetrate more crimes and kill people.   To support the publishing of this list is the same as supporting the publishing of diamond ownerships with names and addresses, and whether they registered with a security system company.  Just because one of the commodities isn't licensed yet doesn't mean it isn't valuable.   The person who published that list should be tried in court for treason for organizing criminals against citizens, or in other words, waging war on the citizens, the very definition of treason.  

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