Friday, August 30, 2013

Drop your cigarette butt become a felon!

In another obvious ploy to make every citizen in Illinois a convicted felon that would be ineligible to own firearms, Illinois has passed a law that makes it a class B Misdemeanor to throw your cigarette butt on the ground punishable by a $1500 fine.   2nd offense moves it up to $2500, and your third offense would be a Class 4 Felony punishable by a $25,000 fine and up to 3 years in jail!  

"I think it's a good idea, I think will keep our city cleaner, m a smoker myself and I think it will curb my appeal for throwing them out the window, I really don’t have $1,500 bucks laying around,” says Jacob Wilson.
The second time you're seen tossing a cigarette butt, the penalty is a fine up to $2,500. A third offense is a felony and you could spend up to three years in jail; some Stateliners say that goes too far."

this law was passed based on the false information that cigarette filters are not biodegradable.   In fact, they are, here is some evidence:

Our filter tips are biodegradable over a period of between a month and three years, depending on environmental conditions. Although we are researching more rapid breakdown, at present we know of no practical way of making consumer-acceptable filters that would degrade so quickly that they would not cause short-term littering problems. 

 Here is some more:

Currently CA is generally recognized as a biodegradable polymer within the scientific community

So there you have it... do something a liberal doesn't like, and men with guns will rob you again and again, then eventually throw you in a cage.

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