Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brutal Thugs Chain and Beat Woman

A group of brutal thugs kidnapped, chained, and beat bloody for hours Jacklyn Miranda.   In new court documents, the thugs have been identified as members of the most dangerous Chicago gang, the Chicago Police Department.  The terrible crime this woman committed was that she assisted shooting victims but didn't see the faces of the people who shot them.   Later that day, the gang members went to her house and intimidated her to sign off on mugshots, but she refused, claiming she didn't want to implicate a potentially innocent person, because she didn't see their face.  Her mother asked the gang members to leave, and not to bother Jacklyn anymore.

Shortly later, two of the Chicago gang members saw Jacklyn walking to a bus stop.   They took her phone, and taunted her about not being able to call her mother for help.   Then they used metal bondage devices to restrain her while they kidnapped her.   They took her to a secret room where they chained her to a metal ring in a concrete wall.   While she was there they got continually more abusive, starting with obscenities, and threats.

One gang member flaunted his special gang training, claiming he could use his advanced techniques to force her to make false statements.  
    "Plaintiff told the defendant that his pressure could not make her tell a false story. At that, the defendant struck plaintiff across her face with his open hand. Plaintiff began to bleed.     "When the defendant officer opened the door of the interrogation room to leave, plaintiff saw other officers outside. Seeking their help, she called out that she had been hit and was bleeding.     "The defendant came back into the room, closed the door behind him, and threatened plaintiff, saying that if she did that again, he would 'lay her out' and make it look like she had come at him. The defendant proceeded to tighten the handcuffs multiple times around plaintiff's wrist, asking whether plaintiff understood him. He then informed plaintiff that he had done this sort of interrogation before.     "Plaintiff said that since there were cameras in the room, people would know what he was doing to her. The defendant responded with words to the effect of: 'You stupid bitch, the cameras are off in this room. No one cares what happens to you.'"

In an attempt to gain freedom, she bargained with the thugs, she told them she would come back, and look at a line-up of men, and implicate somebody.  

They released her, and followed her to a restaurant where she met a friend.   They both observed that they were being watched/followed, so they escaped through the back door of the restaurant.  

The gang members continually go to Miranda's house asking for her, and have now moved on to threatening to bind up, kidnap and torture her friends if they did not disclose her whereabouts.

The Chicago Police continue to operate at large as one of the most notorious gangs in America.

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