Friday, January 4, 2013

IL senate failed to take your rights, this time.

The Chicago Tribune reported today that the Illinois Senate lacked the votes necessary to pass their broad and unconstitutional assault weapon and magazine ban.   I suggest the citizens still hold the lawmakers accountable for the perjury they have committed, and Governor Quinn for the treason he has committed.

Keep your eyes on the modified HB 1263, and HB 815.  Particularly the unpublished amendment 7 of HB1263, and the unpublished amendment 3 of HB815.    Write your state senators and let them know their perjury, specifically the perjury of Senators Antonio Mu├▒oz, and Dan Kotowski, should be punished.  Lawmakers not knowing the constitution or respecting the limitations of government is unforgivable and negligent.   If they attempted to do these things on purpose, that's tyrannous, but explains their fear of firearms.

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