Sunday, September 26, 2010

Only in Illinois...

Only in Illinois can a Sheriff be found guilty of 15 counts of drug dealing and witness tampering... and up to the bitter end still b eon the payroll:

In both his opening and closing statements, Assistant U.S. Attorney James Cutchin of Carmi told the jury the entire case against Martin would be about "greed, arrogance and abuse of power." The jury rejected defense attorney John O'Gara's argument that Martin was the victim of a series of unreliable witnesses — many of them convicted felons and alleged drug dealers themselves.

Jurors also were shown a series of aerial surveillance videos taken by Illinois State Police detectives that showed Martin handing over bags of marijuana to Potts. The video also showed Martin made those transactions while in uniform and while driving his county-issued vehicle.

"The minute he was found guilty, he was stripped of being sheriff," said acting Sheriff Shannon Bradley.
"His pay stops immediately, and there will be a special county board meeting soon to elevate me to the position of sheriff."

Wow.. if the Illinois State Police had to watch a Sheriff to find out what he's doing... who's watching the Illinois State Police?

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