Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anyone find this representative of today's law enforcement?

Cited From antioch police blotter

Aleksander Jozet Bozek, 18, of 26360 W. Bond Ave., Antioch, was charged with disorderly conduct Aug. 22 in the 400 block of Birchwood. He was also cited for obstructing a peace officer and resisting a peace officer. He was released on a personal recognizance bond pending a Sept. 13 court date

disorderly conduct in this state means:

    (720 ILCS 5/26‑1) (from Ch. 38, par. 26‑1)
    Sec. 26‑1. Elements of the Offense.
    (a) A person commits disorderly conduct when he knowingly:
        (1) Does any act in such unreasonable manner as to
alarm or disturb another and to provoke a breach of the peace

So essentially anything that can't be defined as an actual crime, gets you a Disorderly Conduct charge.  Once a police officer has decided you have committed disorderly conduct, they may arrest you, so resisting adds charges of obstruction, and resisting.   However, this is a law in which there can be no probable cause, and it is not a felony so no arrest should be necessary.   I believe it is a citizens' DUTY to resist being arrested for a non-crime.   I am awaiting the outcome of this, but chances are there will be no follow up news on this item.

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