Monday, April 1, 2013

Violence in Chicago goes far beyond guns

Many have focused on the rampant gun violence in Chicago.   Those with a Pro-Gun opinion blame the strict gun laws that prevent normal citizens from carrying a firearm to protect themselves.    Those with an Anti-Gun opinion blame the ease of access to firearms in America for the large amounts of gun violence. 

When it comes to Chicago, you don't need to look far to find multiple examples a week of people being beaten, or bludgeoned to death.   This is significant, because it shows that Chicago has a violence problem, not a gun problem.    Actively stigmatizing guns as bad things, and passing laws that keep the citizens disarms are just two tactics Chicago has used to make sure criminals have a never-ending supply of helpless victims.  As you recall, Eric Holder claimed we needed to "brainwash" people into not liking guns.   I still can't help but realize that guns are tools, much like hands, hammers, and bats; In the right hands, they are good, and in the wrong hands, they are bad.   But as long as I keep reading articles like this I will never be convinced that we need to control ANY tools:

A woman was found dead in a West Side park Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Janice Prince, 49, of the 7900 block of South Hermitage Avenue, was found with signs of trauma to the head in Douglas Park

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