Saturday, January 28, 2012

Media fails to get details, again.

Police responding to a domestic situation called upon their elite Hostage Barricade Terrorist Unit.   Once again, this is a report of Police either firing their guns to either intimidate someone, or to try to kill them but missing.

although police fired a shot at a man with a knife the situation ended without any injuries, police said.  
There are several important questions the media never asks, like what was the man doing with the knife?   What kind of knife was it?   Certain types of knives, like butter knives don't warrant being shot at.    The lack of details on the situation are disturbing enough.  Not to mention the fact that an elite Hostage Barricade Terrorist Unit discharged a firearm in a populated city, which as I understand is against many laws in most states, because that bullet has to go somewhere which could injure a person you can't see.    I guess when you have a badge general laws that pertain to the basic health and safety of the community no longer matter.  

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